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Executive Function — Day 9 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

I’m not really sure where this is going.  Just like all of them. This morning, I was thinking (don’t really remember when) about how important my understanding of executive function is to my day to day life. Yesterday I had planned on working, and because I had planned to work, it was difficult when I […]

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I Am Ableism — Day 2 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

I am ableism Welcome to day 2.  I was hoping to have this prepared before now.  The script is from Baeden I think from CAU Winnipeg: I Am Ableism Script And to ableism I say: We are the autistic community. We will spend every waking hour trying to weaken you. We reject your pity. We […]

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Second Medium Post

A little while ago (I think about a week ago, maybe 2) I decided to “upgrade” my Medium subscription for the purpose that I would not run into the problem of not being able to read everything I wanted, and in the process I decided to update my “interests” or whatever they call them. One […]

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October 6th and October 13th Work, Stream and Drop In

Hey, I have had two less than expected “work days” the past two weeks, but I have got some work done (and have stopped work for now on Autism Jobs Site as I have some serious Datse Multimedia Productions tasks I need to do, so going to do that before tackling the work there). I […]

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