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Accepting Less than Perfect — Day 18 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

Today is May 2nd. Autism Acceptance Month, is April. We are no longer in Autism Acceptance Month. I am writing Day 18 of my “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” today. I expect that this will be the last one of the series for this year. So, why is that?  Am I giving up?  Have I […]

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Assessment and Diagnosis — Day 1 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance — 2018 Autism Acceptance Month

Welcome to 30 Days of Autism Acceptance.  This series is the first major series that we are publishing.  I am writing the content throughout the month of Autism Acceptance Month, in April 2018 and perhaps beyond. Well, actually, I’m starting to write this in March, as I am already having “issues” which I need to find […]

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30 Days of Autism Acceptance — Introduction — 2018 Autism Acceptance Month

Gosh, that’s a long title.  We’ll go for this.  Over the month of April I am working on a series of posts “30 Days of Autism Acceptance”.  I may end up continuing into May if I don’t get it done before then. So, the point of this series is to write a good amount of […]

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Second Medium Post

A little while ago (I think about a week ago, maybe 2) I decided to “upgrade” my Medium subscription for the purpose that I would not run into the problem of not being able to read everything I wanted, and in the process I decided to update my “interests” or whatever they call them. One […]

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