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30 Days of Autism Acceptance — Introduction — 2018 Autism Acceptance Month

Gosh, that’s a long title.  We’ll go for this.  Over the month of April I am working on a series of posts “30 Days of Autism Acceptance”.  I may end up continuing into May if I don’t get it done before then. So, the point of this series is to write a good amount of […]

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October 6th and October 13th Work, Stream and Drop In

Hey, I have had two less than expected “work days” the past two weeks, but I have got some work done (and have stopped work for now on Autism Jobs Site as I have some serious Datse Multimedia Productions tasks I need to do, so going to do that before tackling the work there). I […]

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2017 September 29 — Work, Drop-In, Stream

Hey, this was a few days ago, I didn’t get this in then.  But let me take a look at what I did: Looked at previous week’s list… Nothing obvious left off, but gave what I’d been doing Started creating new list of stuff to do OK, that is really basic starting place that I […]

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2017 September 22 — Work, Drop In, Stream — Summary

Just finishing my work day.  Want to write a bit about what I did. Today I started off by writing a bit based on what I had done last week (never got around to dealing with it last week). So, on to looking at what I was doing for work: Psychology Open There were new […]

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Friday Meetings, Work, Drop In, and Stream

What a messy title…  That’s a little better… Currently I am in one of these “sessions”.  But let me explain this briefly (then expand) a bit more how these are currently working: On Fridays I intend to work on Open Psychology Project stuff.  Because I have a limited amount of work that I have been […]

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Upcoming Topics 4

Here are topics I have been intending to write, I am going to list them from oldest to newest.  So from my first set of topics to add: More on journalling (looking at first journalling article later) Original Journalling Article Identity First vs. Person First language Autism and communication More on Patreon Autism and Gender […]

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Upcoming Topics 3

This is the third update I have made regarding upcoming topics, first we posted our Upcoming Topics, then we ended up putting Upcoming Topics 2. From the first: Journalling (still wanting to write more) Identity First vs Person First language Written a first version… Would like to revisit. Autism and Communication (nothing written here yet) […]

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New Content (and content changes)

There are 4 new (including this) pieces of content on the site: This blog post you are reading (yay, self-referential blog post is self referential) The previous blog post briefly explaining that we will be staying up, and how we are doing that The Our Members page got created, with a bit about who we […]

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