All of these services are currently in some state of development, and likely will be in flux for, well based on how I like to do things, “for forever”.

Open Psychology Project Website

That is this site you see here.  I’m not sure I need to say anything more about it, you’re here, so enjoy this. services

On our newly acquired domain I have listed services which we are offering (though currently the list is pretty limited) including our “riot instance” which points to our own homeserver on the Matrix network.  (feel free to ask if you want more details about riot or matrix or any of this)

Autism Jobs sites

We currently are running two versions of our Autism Jobs site one which is a development version, and one which is the version which we initially started with (which I hope to update soon to what we’ve been working on with the development version).  It might be possible that you will end up connected to the development version.