I don’t currently have contact page for us, so there are a few ways that I want people to be able to contact us through, and since currently the website is really only myself, so currently we are looking at contacting myself personally:

  • Email contact policy applies…  As it does to all our properties.
    • Contacting will cost you, unless you actually show you care.
    • Selling services always will cost you.
  • Contact form (removed from here, but exists elsewhere)
  • Social Media:
  • Chat
  • Voice:
    • Not Preferred but:
      • Chat services all support voice (Not sure about Slack)
        • Likely to type to you rather than speak.
      • Land line phone if necessary (extensive other contact would be required in advance).
  • Note:
    • All of this may be taken down if it becomes problematic.
  • Rules:
    • 0. Be Nice to each other
    • 1. Accept that others make mistakes
    • These rules are what I have set for my Discord Guild.  They apply to all contact methods, and they will likely be updated there, before they are updated here.