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Disability Concepts

I think this might become another “30 days” project.  But right now I want to just look at a few different things that I try to keep in mind with dealing with people with disabilities.  Well, more so with anyone, because I can’t know that I am dealing with a person with disabilities, or a […]

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Some thoughts on adaptations for disability

I have been thinking of this for some time.  I am a person with disabilities and in order to be able to fully function, I need a variety of adaptations, my approach to finding these adaptations goes something like this: Find ways which I can adapt my “self” in order to be able to deal […]

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Creative expression of open/closed psychology…

A friend shared a song that she was singing and I thought that I wanted to give that singing a go, then I thought of going for a different approach, write my own “thing” and share that… The song was “Say Something” (I think) by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World.  It was expressing […]

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