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Accepting Less than Perfect — Day 18 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

Today is May 2nd. Autism Acceptance Month, is April. We are no longer in Autism Acceptance Month. I am writing Day 18 of my “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” today. I expect that this will be the last one of the series for this year. So, why is that?  Am I giving up?  Have I […]

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Open Psychology Project To-Do 2017-09-08

This is based on the notes I took during my Work, Stream, Meeting, Drop In session of Friday September 8, 2017 Priorities Psychology Open Website Open Psychology Project Website Autism Jobs Website Open Psychology Podcast This is just a broad list of priorities as I have them listed at this time.  I know some of […]

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Friday Meetings, Work, Drop In, and Stream

What a messy title…  That’s a little better… Currently I am in one of these “sessions”.  But let me explain this briefly (then expand) a bit more how these are currently working: On Fridays I intend to work on Open Psychology Project stuff.  Because I have a limited amount of work that I have been […]

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Lack of activity

For the last little while there has been a lack of activity, well, mostly a lack of visible activity.  Well, not entirely just a lack of visible activity, as even stuff going on in the background hasn’t been going on. So here I am trying to put a few of those pieces together. Social issues […]

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Finding a Learning Management System (LMS) or eLearning Platform

I have been working with to present some of the stuff which I have been wanting to present for the Open Psychology Project.  This allowed me to present material in a way which worked “better” for me than trying to meet in person.  This was mostly because it allowed me to connect “live” to […]

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Upcoming Topics 4

Here are topics I have been intending to write, I am going to list them from oldest to newest.  So from my first set of topics to add: More on journalling (looking at first journalling article later) Original Journalling Article Identity First vs. Person First language Autism and communication More on Patreon Autism and Gender […]

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Upcoming Topics 3

This is the third update I have made regarding upcoming topics, first we posted our Upcoming Topics, then we ended up putting Upcoming Topics 2. From the first: Journalling (still wanting to write more) Identity First vs Person First language Written a first version… Would like to revisit. Autism and Communication (nothing written here yet) […]

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Upcoming Topics 2

Updating the topics list.  I know that this really isn’t quite how I want to handle this, but it is a decent way for now. About a week ago (I think not quite) I wrote the topic list that I had coming up. For here (Open Psychology Project) we have the following topics coming up: […]

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Upcoming topics

I would like to just write very briefly about a number of topics that we are looking to have show up here in the next few weeks, maybe few months: More on journalling Identity First vs. Person First language Written, and password protected as it was a Patreon post This will be public in a […]

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