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Friday Meetings, Work, Drop In, and Stream

What a messy title…  That’s a little better… Currently I am in one of these “sessions”.  But let me explain this briefly (then expand) a bit more how these are currently working: On Fridays I intend to work on Open Psychology Project stuff.  Because I have a limited amount of work that I have been […]

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Finding a Learning Management System (LMS) or eLearning Platform

I have been working with to present some of the stuff which I have been wanting to present for the Open Psychology Project.  This allowed me to present material in a way which worked “better” for me than trying to meet in person.  This was mostly because it allowed me to connect “live” to […]

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Huzza live stream (Open Psychology Project) December

The December 2016 stream went live.  And you can watch it there.  I intend to find a way to put the stream (maybe edited) here as well. Earlier today we had a live video stream on Huzza, and we covered a number of topics including: Huzza and video streaming Using as a broadcast method (or […]

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Connection – Importance of

Some months ago, I was planning a meeting which I was going to talk about the importance of connection.  Many months ago actually, I think that may have been over a year ago, or at least close to a year ago. Today I met online with the organizer of the Capability Club which is in […]

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Relaxing into Journalling

In the previous post I did about journalling I talked about how important having some structure around your journalling in the form of a format for journalling. In that post I laid out a format that I thought was really a good way to look at journalling.  I still do, but I also see that […]

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Gofundme Campaign…

NOTE GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN GOT CANCELED, links to it have been updated to our own server After that more or less sad post about 10 days ago, I decided to give Gofundme another go, and have setup a campaign.  We are sitting at 3% after that 10 days or maybe 9 days, I don’t really know. […]

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Sensory Overload

I first heard of sensory overload specifically in terms of it being a trait of autism.  This started to explain a few things for me.  In a number of cases I would experience sensory overload.  Then I decided to do a search for it, and found the Wikipedia page, and looked at the list of […]

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