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Comments and Contact Form(s)

Due to the fact that probably over 90% of the comments and “feedback”  that shows up here (or on any of our sites) ends up being spam (that’s probably being generous, as 99.99% of the “feedback” I have appears to be spam, but it takes a long time to go through to be certain, and […]

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No Science Thinking This Month…

I had planned on writing a bunch of stuff on science, and looking at how people can look at science, and articles about science (including scientific journal articles) and better understand what I was going to really do with it. I am not feeling inspired to do that, but I have been working with my […]

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Accepting Less than Perfect — Day 18 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

Today is May 2nd. Autism Acceptance Month, is April. We are no longer in Autism Acceptance Month. I am writing Day 18 of my “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” today. I expect that this will be the last one of the series for this year. So, why is that?  Am I giving up?  Have I […]

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2017 December 8 — Stream

I have been streaming today (couple of sections (well more than a couple, due to some brief stops for various reasons) so not bad) and did a few different things.  I looked at what I had for the previous stream (long time ago it seems October 13, almost 2 months ago).  I did a bit […]

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Welcome back from “sick leave”

I’m not sure what I’m going to call this.  In fact I’m not really even sure where I am going to be going with this.  I think, partially I just want to update as to what has been going on since I was last writing here, but also some more recent stuff (as I’m starting […]

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October 6th and October 13th Work, Stream and Drop In

Hey, I have had two less than expected “work days” the past two weeks, but I have got some work done (and have stopped work for now on Autism Jobs Site as I have some serious Datse Multimedia Productions tasks I need to do, so going to do that before tackling the work there). I […]

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2017 September 29 — Work, Drop-In, Stream

Hey, this was a few days ago, I didn’t get this in then.  But let me take a look at what I did: Looked at previous week’s list… Nothing obvious left off, but gave what I’d been doing Started creating new list of stuff to do OK, that is really basic starting place that I […]

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2017 September 22 — Work, Drop In, Stream — Summary

Just finishing my work day.  Want to write a bit about what I did. Today I started off by writing a bit based on what I had done last week (never got around to dealing with it last week). So, on to looking at what I was doing for work: Psychology Open There were new […]

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Review of work of 2017 September 15

I planned on doing this last week right after finishing things up last week, but it hasn’t been done yet, so is being done today at the beginning of the work. Psychology Open Site Riot was up to date, so it didn’t get dealt with really I checked out things with the meetup group (did […]

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Open Psychology Project To-Do 2017-09-08

This is based on the notes I took during my Work, Stream, Meeting, Drop In session of Friday September 8, 2017 Priorities Psychology Open Website Open Psychology Project Website Autism Jobs Website Open Psychology Podcast This is just a broad list of priorities as I have them listed at this time.  I know some of […]

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