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Partial Review of Tony Attwood’s *The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome*

I picked up a used copy of this book (actually I believe an earlier edition of it possibly), and had started to read it, but with the combination of the writing, and the fact that after having spent well over a month almost entirely outside, in snow and cold, it still smelt far too much […]

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Genuinity and “Famous People”

I’m not quite sure how to handle this in terms of a topic.  There are parts of this which I would have had brought out by the likes of Amanda Palmer, particularly her Patreon stuff. What happened with that most recently was that I think yesterday (Tuesday of this week) she posted a couple versions […]

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The Myth of Lack of Empathy in Autism

I am not entirely sure how I will end up structuring this.  I am leaning more toward a flow of consciousness type post with this one, which I feel as I haven’t entirely thought about how to write this is most natural for me. Recently I heard about how yawns are contagious, and that they […]

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Body Language and Donald Trump

A tentative title of “Body Language, Donald Trump, and Empathy” is used for this post.  The reason being these topics have been recently linked, but I think that maybe only by myself.  I will explain a few ideas about how I am linking these ideas together first, and then start to work towards each of […]

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Understanding social skills training

I really am not sure where I am intending to go here.  A lot of this is more or less a bit about what my experience with social skills training has been. First off, I want to say that I do not recall any official social skills training that I received.  So, I honestly believe in a […]

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eBook offered to me on Goodreads

This feels like a really odd way to handle this.  But I think that I am going to do it this way. Earlier today, I got a message in my email, and it seemed really “odd” to me in that I’ve really only had something like this happen before.  The email?  It was an author […]

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Future topic

I seem to run into these sorts of conversations often enough that I think that maybe I want to share about them more in a more complete way. Just over the last little while I got into a conversation about relationships, sexuality, and romanticism (that doesn’t sound correct).  Further there is the issue of gender/gender […]

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