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Natural Medicine – Is the community ableist?

Just watched this video, and while it is just over a year old, I want to talk about this topic. The video doesn’t so much as talk about the fact that the natural medicine itself is ableist, despite the fact that is the title of the video. What it is talking about is how people […]

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Connecting with Other Autistics — Day 14 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance — 2018 Autism Acceptance Month

I like to put a header image, but I don’t know that I have one that really fits here either…  That’s OK for now… I have this listed in my notes as “CAU” or Canadian Autistics United.  But that is just a “formal” aspect of of connecting with other autistics.  There are a lot of […]

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Response to Littlelolikat video on consent in public.

This post will go into topics that will not be safe for some people.  I talk about sexuality.  I talk about a lot of different topics of this.  I talk about trauma, and responses to this.  I also talk about the criminal justice system.  I don’t know that I have even all the major triggers […]

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Littles and Caregivers — Post Followup

This has not happened before (that I can remember).  Today I am writing about a very recent post due to the response I have received from it.  First off, I’m going to post a short video which triggered my desire for writing this response post. Well, first I’m going to point you back to the […]

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Littles and Caregivers

Hello, this is a bit unusual, and it may be not safe for work, or triggering.  I will talk about experience of littles and how to “caregive” our littles.  So I am inserting a “more” tag here.  I may share stuff straight from the littles…  There is some “adult” content.  Continuing means you consider yourself […]

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Partial Review of Tony Attwood’s *The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome*

I picked up a used copy of this book (actually I believe an earlier edition of it possibly), and had started to read it, but with the combination of the writing, and the fact that after having spent well over a month almost entirely outside, in snow and cold, it still smelt far too much […]

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The Myth of Lack of Empathy in Autism

I am not entirely sure how I will end up structuring this.  I am leaning more toward a flow of consciousness type post with this one, which I feel as I haven’t entirely thought about how to write this is most natural for me. Recently I heard about how yawns are contagious, and that they […]

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Understanding social skills training

I really am not sure where I am intending to go here.  A lot of this is more or less a bit about what my experience with social skills training has been. First off, I want to say that I do not recall any official social skills training that I received.  So, I honestly believe in a […]

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Identity first language vs. person first language

I have been wanting to write on this topic for a while.  I think this particular post will be largely flow of consciousness, as I am not quite sure where I want to go with it. I identify as having been diagnosed with a number of “disorders” a lot of them “mental disorders” according to […]

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