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Second Medium Post

A little while ago (I think about a week ago, maybe 2) I decided to “upgrade” my Medium subscription for the purpose that I would not run into the problem of not being able to read everything I wanted, and in the process I decided to update my “interests” or whatever they call them. One […]

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2017 December 8 — Stream

I have been streaming today (couple of sections (well more than a couple, due to some brief stops for various reasons) so not bad) and did a few different things.  I looked at what I had for the previous stream (long time ago it seems October 13, almost 2 months ago).  I did a bit […]

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Relaxing into Journalling

In the previous post I did about journalling I talked about how important having some structure around your journalling in the form of a format for journalling. In that post I laid out a format that I thought was really a good way to look at journalling.  I still do, but I also see that […]

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eBook offered to me on Goodreads

This feels like a really odd way to handle this.  But I think that I am going to do it this way. Earlier today, I got a message in my email, and it seemed really “odd” to me in that I’ve really only had something like this happen before.  The email?  It was an author […]

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Psychology of Patreon

It seems that there are really two ways to be successful on patreon. Find a way to get people to go from one patreon account to another (See post by Nataly Dawn on the Pomplamoose Patreon page) Mention your patreon on your content. Video content is rich, so please stand by for a bit of […]

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