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Comments and Contact Form(s)

Due to the fact that probably over 90% of the comments and “feedback”  that shows up here (or on any of our sites) ends up being spam (that’s probably being generous, as 99.99% of the “feedback” I have appears to be spam, but it takes a long time to go through to be certain, and […]

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Figuring out Autism Acceptance Month — Day 1— 30 Days of Autism Acceptance (2019)

I was going to write about executive function for my first post for the month, but I ended up doing some work to try to figure out what I would want to write about for that, and I hadn’t figured out where I wanted to go with that yet, so I have decided that I […]

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30 Days of Autism Acceptance – Introduction 2019

Just wanting to start some idea of what I’m doing with the 30 Days of Autism Acceptance this year. Last year, I did my first “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” and despite the fact that this was the 3rd year that this site existed during the month of April.  The first year, I think things […]

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Upcoming in April (but working on now) 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

Last year I did a 30 Days of Autism Acceptance project during April, and I got part way through.  Earlier this month (I think yesterday) I got reminded, and it appears that I have some place to start. The reminder I got, was pointing to my second “Executive Function” which was created because someone reacted to […]

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Spam Comments

I moved this site a while ago (not quite sure how long) and I decided to check things out here and see what was going on. I came in today and 22 new spam comments. So, I need to figure out how to reduce those comments, and see what can make sure that I don’t […]

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Medication Log — Stable Version?

This morning I printed up the medication log that I’ve been using, and I feel that I currently have it at a level where I hope that it will end up staying stable.  When I printed it I noticed two very minor corrections, which I have since fixed. Medication Log 1.1.1 Medication Log – 2 […]

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Open Journalling — Health Log — Initial Thoughts

I have been working with trying to figure out how to do my health log for a while and I started to work with what I managed to do so far about 2 weeks ago.  The filled out (but with blurred stuff) form looks like: This is partially filled out, and probably will need a […]

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Natural Medicine – Is the community ableist?

Just watched this video, and while it is just over a year old, I want to talk about this topic. The video doesn’t so much as talk about the fact that the natural medicine itself is ableist, despite the fact that is the title of the video. What it is talking about is how people […]

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No Science Thinking This Month…

I had planned on writing a bunch of stuff on science, and looking at how people can look at science, and articles about science (including scientific journal articles) and better understand what I was going to really do with it. I am not feeling inspired to do that, but I have been working with my […]

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Open Journalling — Introduction — Getting Started

I just want to write a bit about what I think isn’t exactly new, but is based on a bunch of other stuff, and hopefully is pulling together some ideas in a new way. I am wanting to create a different version of what often are “different journalling systems” and are seen separate, but really […]

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