Comments and Contact Form(s)

Due to the fact that probably over 90% of the comments and “feedback”  that shows up here (or on any of our sites) ends up being spam (that’s probably being generous, as 99.99% of the “feedback” I have appears to be spam, but it takes a long time to go through to be certain, and 98.87% of the comments from outside the site are spam (and I suspect I’ve cleaned a number of them up)), we are trying to set things so comments and “feedback” (or contact) are disabled.

It’s not so much that it’s taking huge amounts of time, as they basically can be ignored.  It’s just that it’s taking resources.  And turning it off is better than trying to handle it manually.  I’d *love* to have it so that I could have comments and contact forms, but if real people aren’t using them, sadly just not worth it…

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