30 Days of Autism Acceptance – Introduction 2019

Just wanting to start some idea of what I’m doing with the 30 Days of Autism Acceptance this year.

Last year, I did my first “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” and despite the fact that this was the 3rd year that this site existed during the month of April.  The first year, I think things were “new enough” for me that I just kind of didn’t really think about it, and the second year, I hadn’t really remembered how important it was to do something to get away from the “Autism Awareness” stuff.

So, last year, I knew I needed to create something.  So that was what I did.  This year, I am trying to do the same sort of thing.  Though I’m not quite sure how things will go.

I have some plans, which will end up at the bottom, and I’ll have the written ones at the top:

Planned Posts:

  • Executive Function (Part 3)
  • Journaling
  • Taking Breaks

I am not right now sure of anything more that I’ll be doing over the next little while, but I have set a few things up to print as reminders of what I wrote last year.

Mostly they have to do with stuff I noticed when looking at what I wrote about executive dysfunction last year.

The reason I’m so far ahead of the game this year is because someone noticed that second Executive Function piece, and I wanted to take a look at it.  So, I have to say that this seems to be working out fairly well.

I’m not sure if I might try some audio or video stuff this year, I have some new gear to help with doing that, so that is good.  I’m not sure if anything will happen with that or not.

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