Medication Log — Stable Version?

This morning I printed up the medication log that I’ve been using, and I feel that I currently have it at a level where I hope that it will end up staying stable.  When I printed it I noticed two very minor corrections, which I have since fixed.

Medication Log 1.1.1

Medication Log – 2 Sided v1.1.1

Medication log in PNG format

PNG version of the medication log (relatively low resolution, not intended for printing, but should work)

The thing I have found for me, is that I have been really needing to do this, as I have been reducing my medications for a while now, and by doing it slowly like I have been, it means that at times it can be really complicated.

I don’t expect that anyone else would be able to handle this for me, and I have been working with trying to get the medications down to a level that I’m pretty much just taking things as I need them.  It will continue to take some time to get there, but I have got to a point that while I’m not entirely happy with how they are, it has become possible that if I happen to miss a day or two, I have only relatively minor problems that evolve slowly.

While I really don’t recommend missing medications, it is pretty important that if there is a chance that you will end up missing them, that you are not in a position where this will result in very undesirable effects.  At times if I was even a few hours late with my medications I would get severe adverse reactions, and in some cases, extreme withdrawal effects tat either would have to be endured for multiple days (I had to go through them for 4 days before I felt well enough to not continue taking them, and apparently said medications were “not addictive”).

I really want people to be safe with the medications which they take, and if they do decide that they want to get off of them, to do so in a safe manner.  This can mean a very long, time trying to get off of the medications, and depending the getting off of the medications can be very difficult.  It is always better to go off of them slowly, and realize that if you “go too fast” that things can be rough, but if you are going slowly enough, it can be better to simply continue at the dose that it is “too much too fast” rather than trying to go back to the previous dose, as some would recommend.

Anyway, wanted to post something about where I’m at here, and I’m hoping to do something more general in the next week or so about how being OK with where you are at with stuff is a good thing.  Ie. try not to make too many changes at once, unless you really are likely to be able to keep them together.

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