Open Journalling — Health Log — Initial Thoughts

I have been working with trying to figure out how to do my health log for a while and I started to work with what I managed to do so far about 2 weeks ago.  The filled out (but with blurred stuff) form looks like:

Printed page with hand written notes on. Health Log.

Health Log – partially filled out

This is partially filled out, and probably will need a few different things done to it.

I am recording things broadly speaking on a daily basis.  Though I’m recording how often (by number of dots) it happens in the day.  I am only recording “notable” events, which I haven’t left in a readable (though maybe guessable) form.

This is just the start of it.  Though I think that I have a few changes, or more a single more important change:

Health log, with dots to fill in for the days.

Updated version of health log.

This has the way I want to be testing how to fill out the log a little better. I thought I probably would go in this direction eventually as I felt that just leaving the blank boxes, made it difficult to be clear what I was doing with them, but I wanted to get an idea of how many dots I would need in a given day, and how to best handle it. This feels like this may be a good way to handle it, as it should give enough for most of my days, and it’s probably better in terms of that than the current version which I feel one is “full” but I haven’t recorded all the “events” that have occurred regarding that.

I think that I have to remember that for this, that people will need to figure out (as I will) what health events to record, so you can’t really fill that out ahead of time.

With my Medication Log, I have decided to keep 4 lines of notes, as it works reasonably well, 3 felt like too few (the notes are only a reference to the notes I keep on a separate page).  Currently I am not getting anywhere near that, but feel that this will be good and possibly will be much more than I really need, but I will probably need to go through several iterations of this to really know how this will work.

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