No Science Thinking This Month…

I had planned on writing a bunch of stuff on science, and looking at how people can look at science, and articles about science (including scientific journal articles) and better understand what I was going to really do with it.

I am not feeling inspired to do that, but I have been working with my “new” camera (it’s a new body) and trying to get it so that I have things the way that I want with that, but I haven’t really figured things out.  So, I believe that will be mostly what I will be working on over the next few weeks.  So, look over to the Datse Multimedia Site, and over at the Jigme Datse Site, to see what I’m up to. There may be some stuff here which is relevant.

The Jigme Datse site will just be mostly information about “what I’m doing.”  Though there have been a few “quick notes” I have written there which I hope to flesh out over here…

So, that’s it here for now.

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