Bullet Journal — Quick Update

Yesterday, I attended a meeting by Skype, and the previous meeting of that group which I attended, I had not been really wanting to be there, but I thought I might as well, so I didn’t make much effort.

Yesterday’s meeting I decided that I wanted to put some effort into being able to focus on the meeting, so I decided to record the meeting in notes, and previously when I have done that (since I started doing that) I had been doing so in my bullet journal.

The meeting ended up with me realizing that the reasons which I haven’t really been using the bullet journal except as a means of recording my medications, has been because it’s not where I am most of the time, and I don’t really think about it.

So, yesterday after the meeting I started thinking about how I would accomplish being able to use my bullet journal for things like taking notes about things, keeping track of my schedule (at least my day to day things I’m doing), and keeping track of the projects that I’m doing.

My solution was that I really need to keep the medication logging as I have done it, “over there” as even with it right where I’m going to be taking them, I’m still having missed doses and such.  Then I decided that for the other stuff that is more what I’m doing with my day, during the day, I feel that it’s good to have the journal right here.

So, as a solution to that, I started a brand new one.  Which I keep by my computer (at least that’s my intention) unless I have some reason to take it for something elsewhere. The point being, that I have decided that I really do need two different ones, because moving it back and forth, possibly several times a day, just will not work for me.

As I have been thinking today, and really somewhat yesterday, if I am keeping the medication log over in that location, there are two other logs (medication log is a combination of a printed schedule, and hand written notes) which I have wanted to work on.

So, after 3 months, I have decided to make a change.  And, it’s a pretty major one.  But, this is really what the process is about, it’s about building the process that works for you.  And I’m hoping that in 3 months, I will be coming back and saying, “yes this did work” rather than, “I tried it, and it still didn’t work”.

I want to do a more complete update with the updated journal, and the new forms, and how all of that ends up working out.  Though it’s possible I won’t do that until some time in July, as there are interesting things coming quickly in June.

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