Disability Concepts

I think this might become another “30 days” project.  But right now I want to just look at a few different things that I try to keep in mind with dealing with people with disabilities.  Well, more so with anyone, because I can’t know that I am dealing with a person with disabilities, or a person who doesn’t have disabilities:

  • Assume Competence
  • Assume Good Intent
  • To as great an extent possible honour “Nihil de nobis, sine nobis” or “Nothing about us, without us”.
  • When things are “not working” assume some communication or understanding is missing

I don’t really want to go further into this right now.  It was just a brief thing that with working with someone that I have needed to remember that while others will try to draw me in different directions, from core concepts where things can work with a variety of different people, and towards an understanding that someone is a “bad person,” or “acting in bad faith,” or whatever.

This does not mean that things always are of good faith, or at least that the reasons that things aren’t working is related to something which can be resolved through honouring the person’s right to express themselves as they wish, but rather that the communication, or whatever breakdown is something fundamental and is not resolvable without someone taking a very different approach.

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