Language — Day 15 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

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Today over at there was a bit of a discussion about language, specifically around the language Toki Pona.  Someone last night posted a bunch of round tiles they created with some kind of “runes” on it, which lead to the discussion as it was just interesting to me.

So, the idea of Toki Pona is that the language is a “Reduced Instruction Set” (RISC) communication system (to use an example from computers), with about 120 words.

Last night as I was looking at that, I was going “oh dear, this is too complicated for me” though really I meant “this is too much for me to process just as I’m trying to get myself ready for bed”.

So, I have to admit that I am a bit of a polyglot in that I will often end up working in “random languages”.  I will switch between different languages, may use any that I know depending on the context, Tazzy will hear me use French, English (most commonly as it’s my first language), German, Italian, Esperanto, or maybe a few other languages from me.

So, the more I look at this, I wonder if there may be some reason to consider doing something up which would allow us to look at the language, and how to produce a way to communicate with it, with hopefully relatively limited understanding of the language by other people.

The language consists of as I said 120 words, and it is based on a Latin alphabet, or so I understand, which is further limited to about 16 letters rather than the “awkward” 26 that we currently use in English.  So to write it really only needs to have what most people already have available, the letters you are (likely) reading here.

And further there are a number of different systems of expressing that in different forms, including (as I am impressed by) the use of sign language which uses a very limited hand positions again, and then movements.

So, I think this could well work.

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