Games as Escape — Day 12 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance — 2018 Autism Acceptance Month

picture should go here, but I can’t find anything appropriate with my Flickr

Over the past couple of days I have been playing Eternal Lands and have been really enjoying it.  I started because I had gotten into a funk, and decided to go back to the game that I was able to commit to for a much greater extent than most other games.

I really can’t say a whole lot here more than that has been what I have been doing.  Except, knowing me I will say more…

For a couple of days, (or was it even more than that) I kept trying to push myself to do stuff that I felt was productive, but it just was not happening.  So was talking with a friend about what he’s been doing and he was talking about playing Final Fantasy (can’t remember which one) so I thought I’d fire up Eternal Lands and see where it would take me.

I have been playing a bit over the last couple of days.  Well, let’s say a lot really.  But it has got me to a point that I’m OK with how all of this is going…  And I’m writing…

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