Making Clothes — Day 10 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

This really isn’t “making clothes” but the starts of it, but here we have some of today’s “goofing off” (ie. not writing stuff on my “30 Days” stuff, which I’m still quite behind with).

4 images of patches on dress

Dress Repair

This is a dress repair I did today.  And I think that this is really where I have been working with a lot of issues with clothing, my need to have clothes that fit, and the combination of my “weird body” has lead me to start to think very seriously about doing my own sewing of my own clothing.

This doesn’t really mean that I am doing all of my clothing now, but I have started to work on it.

Previously I would get my clothes repaired by others.  That was a pretty important thing for me.  I was able to get my clothes repaired.  I felt that I just couldn’t do as good a job as the person I was taking my clothes to (at the far end of the hall), but then I started thinking about how doing that was actually not getting them repaired that quickly, and to start with (darning my socks) wasn’t actually true that I could get a better job done.

So, I have been repairing more and more of my own clothes.

Today as I was putting away my clothes I noticed one was in need of repairs.  So I set it aside to “repair later”.  And in the end, I decided to look at getting it done today if I could, and I did.

Patch on dress.

Full picture of the first patch

This is what the first patch looks like.  The sewing was a bit uneven.  And on the left side I have some of it frayed off because I didn’t properly catch the layers.

You can also see that there is some knots that ended up while I patched it.  Here is a case where I have decided “it is good enough” even though I have a lot of problem that it really isn’t.  I just didn’t feel like trying to go through the whole process again.  And really, it is.

Patch on a dress, detail of the top edge of it.

Detail of the top of the first patch.

This is what the top edge of the patch looks like.  I started the stitching on the right side, and stitched across.

The stitching is uneven, and the two corners (especially the top left one) the stitching is not as I really wanted it to look like.

Patch on dress, along the middle of the patch.

Detail along the middle of the first patch.

Middle of the first patch…  On the left side you can see a lot more of how the edge didn’t get caught properly.  Also, you can see some of the knots that happened as I was stitching it.

Dress with Second Patch on it.

Second Patch on Dress

This is the second patch on the dress.  It worked a lot better than the first patch.  The stitching is a lot more even and along the edge better.  There are a few tiny bits of fraying on the corners.  This didn’t get with knots in it while I was stitching it.

Of course this really isn’t “everything is great,” but the whole point of how these things work is because things can never be perfect, we can better accept imperfections.

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