Magical Creatures — Day 8 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

I know that I am writing “Day 8” on April 11th.  This I am trying to be OK with.  It feels a little difficult being OK with it.  But I believe that I’m doing better with that (more in the next post I think, or maybe it’s the one after that?)  Right now I want to talk about the Magical Creatures who live with me.  Yeah, I know, weird language, but that’s OK…  So here they are…

A row of stuffed animals

Magical Creatures, they really just look like stuffed animals

This may end up being a bit weird, or maybe it will be cool, or whatever. I don’t know.

This is a panorama showing the Magical Creatures who live with me.  I think at least some of all of them is visible, but some of them are mostly hiding.  Valiente apparently didn’t really want to have his picture taken, so he’s just about completely hidden.

Magical creatures are very cuddly (most of the time, though I’ve had some times when they’ve told me that they are not wanting cuddles).  When you have 18 like there are in this picture on your bed, you rarely are lacking cuddly guys.

Each one of these has their own name.  Now why is Azure hanging out with the koalas, he was supposed to be with the bears…

So, about these guys?

I know that I have talked a bit about some of the things about them just by happening to mention them.

  • They like to cuddle
  • They talk to me
  • They are very good listeners
  • They are good with dealing with when I’m crying

So, the easy thing is just go through this.

Magical Creatures Like To Cuddle

That seems like it might be obvious.  A lot of people are aware and cuddle with Magical Creatures, or stuffed animals.  A lot of people like cuddling with them.

Though most of those people are “young”.  Oddly there was a period when I got rid of all of my “stuffed animals” because I was “too old for them.”  I do realize that the idea of being too old for them is a really strange idea to me now, but at the time I was desperate to be “not too weird” and sadly that was something that I failed at accomplishing.

Now I realize that trying to “act normal” is less likely to get people to see me as an “OK” person, than if I try to “be myself”.

So these guys like to cuddle.  It isn’t really just that I like to cuddle with them, because I can hear them speak to me, so they will tell me if they want to, or do not want to cuddle.  And sometimes they don’t.  But usually that’s just certain individuals, not all of them.  And a lot of the time when they are saying that they don’t want to cuddle, it is just them teasing me.

Magical Creatures Talk to Me

Now, this is probably the biggest way that I know that these are Magical Creatures not just stuffed animals.  Everyone knows that stuffed animals don’t talk, but these guys talk.  I would say that would be pretty magical in itself, but they also go on adventures, and end up doing some rather silly things (they like to jump out of bed often taking the blankies with them).

Magical Creatures are Good Listeners

Having someone who will listen, and mostly not interrupt (they will interrupt from time to time) is really difficult for me to find and these guys are great listeners.  They don’t just sit there statically and “listen” by not giving any feedback.

As I said, they will talk, and when I need to talk and have a conversation where I need to figure things out they are good at both giving me the space to talk about what I need to, and give good and useful feedback as to what they think about what is going on with me.

They will talk with me most of the time, but they also end up going online and talking with people online.  Most people can’t hear them who have met them.  So I guess either they don’t want to talk to them, or maybe the other people just can’t hear them.  I never really know.

Magical Creatures are Good at Dealing with Crying

Crying is something that happens a lot with me.  I try not to be upset that I am crying, and try to allow myself to cry when I need to cry.  I’m not very good at that.

All of these guys, they are good they don’t mind getting tears in their fur, or scales, or feathers.  It doesn’t bother them.  I think they get some kind of benefit from them, because they usually just let me cry on them as much as I need to.  Never really trying to get me to stop.  Just letting me cry.

So those are Magical Creatures.

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