Taking Breaks — Day 6 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance — 2018 Autism Acceptance Month

espresso in a brown mug, with white inside the mug.

Espresso in a large mug, just taking a break

Yesterday I had hoped to have a post ready for today (again).  So instead I am writing today’s post, well today.  I’d also hoped that I would have tomorrow’s post written yesterday.  So when I was thinking of this today, I realized, that this is actually an “OK thing”.  In thinking that, I really thought that it was a good topic to look at.

So, today, I am writing about how taking breaks is a good thing.  This is a really good thing for me to really consider because I have been wanting to do work on several different days recently when I have just not been able to get the things started with that.

Importance of Taking Breaks

I have a hard time actually “scheduling” my times when I have breaks so I have to say that this is something that ends up getting handled differently by different people.  Some people are really good at scheduling their time, including their breaks in a way that works for them.  Others like myself, I find that I just don’t succeed very well with actually scheduling things, especially scheduling things like breaks.

Yet, I know that I need to be able to take breaks, so I know that I have to be OK with actually taking it.  Yesterday was not a scheduled work day, but because I don’t really schedule my time unless I have some sense of “others need to know” about the fact that I am doing something during a given time.

So I do schedule my “stream schedule” which I have to admit that I haven’t been doing a great job of getting done the way that I would like (ie. my official schedule, and when I manage to stream are not linking up).  I still try to work that schedule.

So “breaks” have been difficult to schedule, and sometimes when I am not really planning a break, I just am not able to do anything other than “take a break”.  Yesterday I had hoped to do some work with my “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” so that the post that would show up today was ready by Midnight.  It didn’t happen.  I kept “trying” but never got to the point of even managing to start the work.

Today I was thinking about how “poorly” yesterday went, and realised just that yesterday actually ended up going really well when I accepted that yesterday was a genuine break day, and that being so was a good thing.

I don’t really think that I have a whole lot more to say on the topic.  So I think this post will just end at this length.  But I need to figure out what I’m using for images for this.

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