I Am Ableism — Day 2 — 30 Days of Autism Acceptance

I am ableism

Mantid on door sill

Mantid quietly hanging out

Welcome to day 2.  I was hoping to have this prepared before now.  The script is from Baeden I think from CAU Winnipeg:

I Am Ableism Script

And to ableism I say:
We are the autistic community.
We will spend every waking hour trying to weaken you.
We reject your pity.
We confront your abuse with logic and common sense.
We have strengths you have failed to acknowledge. We think outside the box. We can gain astonishing amounts of information on obscure topics. Years of flapping has made our arms strong, and years of abuse has made our hearts stronger. And we are not afraid to use these powers to take you down.
We know that we are the true experts on autism, and we are not afraid to tell you.
And if you are offended by our flapping, we will flap even more to defy you.[BMGF2]
We will gather together, share resources, build pride, compare our experiences, and name the ableism we have experienced as such.
We form bonds across differences of gender, race, sexuality, and age.
For every patronizing and pitying video you create, we will make parodies to fight back.

We are coming together in all climates. We call on all faiths. We fight with blog posts and gatherings and rallies and jokes and a growing acceptance that you never anticipated.
We have had challenges, but we are the best when overcoming them. We speak the only language that matters: support for our community.
Ableism is naïve. You are alone. We are a community of warriors. We have a voice.
You think that because some of us cannot speak, we don’t have anything to say?
That is ableism’s weakness.
You think that because you have built a wall against me, I am afraid to knock it down with my bare hands?
We work together, because where one of us struggles another will thrive.
We will celebrate our achievements, and the achievements of our autistic comrades around the world.
Ableism, if you are not scared, you should be.
When you came for autism, you forgot: you came for us.
Ableism, are you listening?

About this recording

There was a request for people to record this, and I had hoped to have this recorded by Wednesday last week.  I have also posted it on SoundCloud if any of this isn’t working.

This is one with me reading it 3 times, with the first reading being absolutely cold.  I didn’t even read it to myself.  I tried to get it to work, and I’m not sure if it does, but I am good enough with it.  It kind of has the effect I want, but it is hard to really hear the words actually spoken because of the fact that they are overlapping, and the tempo of each one is slightly different.

I am not sure if there is more I can really say right now.

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