30 Days of Autism Acceptance — Introduction — 2018 Autism Acceptance Month

Circle of seeds in a hollyhock seed pod

Seeds of a Hollyhock

Gosh, that’s a long title.  We’ll go for this.  Over the month of April I am working on a series of posts “30 Days of Autism Acceptance”.  I may end up continuing into May if I don’t get it done before then.

So, the point of this series is to write a good amount of content for Autism Acceptance Month.  This will be my 2018 series, and I may do “re-runs” in future years.  This is our first year trying to do this, and I hope we really get this to work out.

This is a pretty massive project for us.  I’m not entirely sure what content will be, I expect most of it will be posts which will be written content.  I don’t really know if more stuff will be done.

I plan on streaming the writing of this.   I also am looking to post these on my Medium though those will be “Medium Member” posts.

So here are a few ideas which I would like to cover:

It’s a good place to start with some of these things.

I welcome feedback (I think I will try to have a “contact form” on all posts of this) but have unfortunately felt that I have had to turn off commenting.

At the bottom of this post there is a contact form.  I will try to respond to comments as appropriate.

This introduction will be going onto Medium.  I’m not quite sure what might happen with some more “complex” formatted stuff.

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