Second Medium Post

One nearly ripe prune plum, with a wide background

Lone Prune Plum

A little while ago (I think about a week ago, maybe 2) I decided to “upgrade” my Medium subscription for the purpose that I would not run into the problem of not being able to read everything I wanted, and in the process I decided to update my “interests” or whatever they call them.

One of the “new” interests that I added was a subscription to “The Creative Cafe”. And I just decide that I wanted to see what people were doing with that, and thought I’d just give it a go.

But, unbeknownst to me at that time, one of the things that they do, is that they send a “prompt” out on a regular basis (I think weekly) so I have been writing stuff based on that since I have been getting it.

Today, I wrote “How it Ends” which was the title of the challenge.

I wasn’t really expecting it to take the shape that it did.  I for one thing, ended up going “way back” in to my past, which I wasn’t really expecting.  And, I wrote a bit of a story (true to the best of my ability) of a typical thing that happens with me.

So, I just wanted to send you guys there.

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