Personal Update

I know that this isn’t going to be a heck of a lot of anything, I have been working a bit on the Jigme Datse Site and I think some of that is coming along nicely (some of that will need to be moved over here and that may happen later today).  I keep my “to dos, dones, and general news” over there.  That keeps everything nice and well sorted, and it’s good to have that there right now as it keeps multiple other projects and this content all over there.  It seems to work reasonably well in theory…

So, it’s been a few weeks.  I have been feeling really overwhelmed by a lot of what has been going on in my life.  With today’s stream start, I wrote a bit about what I have been doing, but mostly in terms of the computer stuff.

It seems like that is most of what is actually happening right now though I’m not sure that really is quite right.  The actual computer stuff isn’t using a huge amount of my time.  It is the switching between the unexpected computer work, and being able to do other stuff.

That is Splines Theory type stuff.  I wrote about Spoon Theory and Splines Theory a bit at the beginning of the month.  It was a lot like today’s post is looking like it will be.  It’s not the kind of post that I like.  But it’s the kind of post that I have been managing to post.

These posts have been “just write something” type posts.  I don’t think a whole lot about how I am going to write them before hand.  I think about the content, but not how to structure it.

So, I’m not quite sure where I am going with this.

I wrote briefly (to get the thoughts down) about the technical bits in the stream start.  But the technical bits are pretty minor really.  What really has been going on is the failure to “shift gears” or as Splines Theory speaks “reticulate splines” from having done the computer work to actually move to a more “productive” work.

As most of the computer work (well pretty much all of it) only ends up being good for my business in the sense that it “keeps things running” or in the case of the work I do for clients, “it keeps the clients happy”.  Well, I’m not so sure about that latter.  I have one client who is handling things fairly well, and being OK with it.  But a big problem that I am having with that client, is that I just am not getting my ability to handle the work that she would like done, better handled.  I’m not feeling like I can do it well enough with this computer, and things I am doing here (well, I can, but I need to figure out how to take 2 separate pages (in some cases) in different files, and make them into a single file which is “double sided”, and better be able to handle the complex document that gets done quite frequently…).

The other client?  Well, I can’t help him really (because he keeps asking things I don’t know, in time frames that I would need to answer right then) and keeping him happy has mostly meant trying to keep myself from getting too upset with the (to me) rather unreasonable demands he puts out.

So, that client work, it’s not currently getting paid.  The work I’m doing for my computers, it’s not getting paid, and I don’t think I could get someone to do it who wouldn’t make a mess of things.  I don’t understand things well enough to feel confident that I’m doing it right.  But I doubt there is anyone else who does the kinds of work I do, the way I do it (linode told me “no one does it that way” a good while ago, but in the end, they did “fix” the issues that I was facing, though they are going to need to fix it again).  Linode is a pretty big organization which does a lot of the same things I do (at least provides means for people to do it) but they didn’t feel that they needed to be able to support how I was doing things at that time.

So, locally?  I doubt within an hour’s drive there is even the number of linux users, as Linode has Gentoo users.  I could be wrong…

Anyway, I got distracted, I was going in a different direction…  So the computer work itself isn’t causing trouble.  Sometimes there are hours and maybe even more than a day of trying to “get something working” but…  I can’t say that itself is what has been keeping me from posting or doing much of anything.

It has been, the inability to move from doing the computer stuff, to actually doing something like what I am doing (though I don’t think this is quite what I want to be doing as my focus of “this type of thing”) now with writing this.  I perhaps need to think of how to better shift into a new process better.  I don’t feel like I have done that with this post.  But, it is a start.

Splines Theory, is about how this works.  I’m not sure how well accepted this is, I have just asked about it on Twitter.  I hope to have a little more to say later today.  Currently I think I am going to take a little break, and eat lunch, probably back in about 2 hours, maybe less (it’s usually been less).  I am just going to save this as a draft for now.  And decide if I can write more or not…

After that break, I’m not sure I really have anything more to say.  I know I need to say more, but I don’t really know how to say any more.  I am going to go into a bit of “technical stuff” mode, while I work on doing a bit of work on getting this site to support the theme that I have been working on at the Jigme Datse site.

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