Welcome back from “sick leave”

I’m not sure what I’m going to call this.  In fact I’m not really even sure where I am going to be going with this.  I think, partially I just want to update as to what has been going on since I was last writing here, but also some more recent stuff (as I’m starting to move towards being able (I hope) to bring stuff back to our regularly scheduled programming).

First off, the dog got taken to the vet, most recently on October 10th, and on the two times to the “new vet” I went, but the second time I was pretty sure that I would end up getting sick from going.  Oh, boy, was I ever right.  I haven’t fully recovered to my “normal levels of pain and activity” ever since then.  Part of that is I have kept getting knocked back as I have been getting closer to those levels.

So, in a lot of ways, I just haven’t been functional enough (when I was trying to be at least) to do stuff like updating things here, or anything like that.  I have mostly been keeping the things like updates being updated when they need to be.  For the most part though, I haven’t done much beyond the basics…

This past week, has been a bit of a mix of things.  I keep getting upset with mum and that she has been saying that Tazzy (the dog) doesn’t like her, and I keep pointing out that she really doesn’t do anything “for” her besides be a messy eater (and also the fact that it’s a flat out lie that Tazzy doesn’t like her, but still…).  So on Monday, I suggested that if mum wanted to, she could do the dog’s ears (which are apparently supposed to be done on a weekly basis).

This has been a major conflict between myself and mum.  I have a way that I can do it, and I can do it myself, but because it isn’t “vet approved” she has been really not very happy with that solution.  The solutions that the vets (two different offices, and two different vets at the one office) have offered have almost always involved high amounts of fragrance oils, and high amounts of alcohol.  Both of which I am “highly sensitive to”.

I know many people consider “highly sensitive” to mean “well it’s not as bad as an allergy, and it just means it’s annoying”.  This is Saturday…  I am still recovering from Monday’s exposure to “dog ear stuff”.  In fact “still recovering” is probably putting it a bit mildly.  I am not feeling “a little out of it” I am feeling I need to sleep about half of the day (in addition to the “more or less regular” nighttime sleep).

At my “normal” level of functioning, I don’t find my usual 6-8 hours at night enough that I make it week to week without taking a day pretty much totally off.  Now?  If I do my usual daily stuff from one day (well I really can’t even do that on my best days right now) I end up needing 2 days off after that.  I’m still trying to get done as much as I can in my days, but right now, it is “what self care can I manage to do today, hopefully which will make tomorrow better”.

So, I am hoping (but not totally expecting it) to be back to my regular schedule in the next week or two (ie. being able to do a full day of work at a more or less “normal” time, and then expand to two days a week).  Right now (because I did it this week) I have officially set my schedule to Wednesday and Friday 10:00-15:00.  Though I don’t know that is going to stay that way.

But, on Wednesday I did a work shift, which turned out to be different than my past ones, as a good portion of it was “not streamable”.  I was working on a project involving the new Arduino kit I got I think on Tuesday.  Most of this stuff doesn’t show up on my screen, and it doesn’t produce any sound that I can capture (right now), so it would have ended up being a pretty much static screen of what I wasn’t doing on the computer.

But while I was working on the project, I was also taking pictures of it (in part to keep some documentation for myself) and then after I had that done, I started the stream up again to post a little bit about what I had been doing.

I still have not got that project up and fully documented yet, but the stuff I did before the more “complex” stuff I wrote a bit about, which you can read over at Datse Multimedia, which it seems is not really what I had intended to do with it.  But it got that out of my head enough that I could move forward.

While I was trying to sleep on Wednesday night (after having done that different stuff) I simply couldn’t get “all the bits and pieces” of what I had done, and what I was planning on doing, out of my head, and had a hard time sleeping.  I had meant to write something more about that, and how sometimes a major shift of gears, or whatever can be a really difficult thing for me to handle.  And in time I hope to figure out where I am going to go with that.  For now I am going to link to one explanation that is close enough (and well enough put) to my experience about this sort of thing, Splines Theory, which is a good starting point.

Another quick point.  I ran into a problem with my comment spam protection, and decided that as I ran into problems with spam I will increase the degree I “shut off” comments, and it has gotten almost to the point that I will be entirely shutting off comments shortly.  Due to the fact that I only have 9 comments which have been approved, and all but one of them is my own comment, this is unlikely to be a problem.  I may enable a “feedback” option if I somehow get some input that something is needed.

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