October 6th and October 13th Work, Stream and Drop In

Hey, I have had two less than expected “work days” the past two weeks, but I have got some work done (and have stopped work for now on Autism Jobs Site as I have some serious Datse Multimedia Productions tasks I need to do, so going to do that before tackling the work there).

I have worked on a number of things, and am going to base this on my notes I make through Riot which I connect to through Riot on Psychology Open, and you can use that and register if you don’t already have an account.

Starting on October 6th

Hey, on October 6th, I got done some stuff in the morning, which I was really happy with.  Then at lunch, I ended up getting triggered, and didn’t really do a good job of getting back to work until today this afternoon.

I looked at the latest version from the previous week, and started to work on the next bit of what I was doing.

Work to do (or I decided to do)

I just then did my usual, checking things out, and looking at what I wanted to do with regard to work (if I do work on a daily basis, this probably would end up being a weekly thing, just as it is now, with mostly working on only one day a week).

  • Open Psychology Project Site
    • Fix the print profile, it currently prints more stuff than I want, thus using more paper than desired.
    • Think about setting up ecommerce on the site
    • Edit the contact form on the member page
    • Look at About page
    • Look at the Services page
    • Look at how to handle the archives I’ve created for my “member” page
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Setup Login Code
    • Fix how I’m handling various things which when they “fail” it is pretty inelegant.
    • Setup job postings part
    • Look at member profiles
    • Look at (currently) static content (put in database?)
    • Look at different member types
    • Look at limitations to keep abuse of site to a minimum
    • Look at how to better get site funded
  • Open Psychology Podcast
    • Look at further needed hardware to get recording working
      • Need mixer (most likely) and one cable (maybe 2).
      • Think about multi-track recording in future.
    • Start working on next episode.
    • Start working on Datse Multimedia Podcast “bonus episode”
    • Look at how I have podcast setup here.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
      • Look at Buffer again
    • Twitch
      • Fix Muxy Tips link
      • Put general information about stream up.
      • Look at moving things about.
      • Update Schedule (on Twitch Schedule)
    • Patreon
      • Post to Patreon
      • Keep things there updated.
      • Post Patreon stuff Twitter
    • Matrix
      • Try to see if we can get people better able to join us there.
    • Others?
      • Discord?
        • Do we want to do anything with this?

OK, there goes the list that I had setup for the time being…  Then…  We move to…

Prioritizing Work

I work on trying to figure out the order I do work by going through a quick prioritization of things like the above list:

  • Open Psychology Project Site
    • Member Page
      • Contact Form (want to change the way it is formatted)
      • Look at Member archives, and how to handle them in the menu
    • About Page
      • Look at the content, it feels like it needs work.
    • Services Page
      • Does this need to be reworked?
    • Print Profile on the Theme
      • Work on getting it to “print” the way I would like it to.
    • eCommerce
      • Do we want to set something up for this?
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Login Code
      • What do we need to do for login code.
    • Find a way to give better output when there are unexpected results.
    • Look at the way to confirm the userid as passed in the URL as another way of confirmation
    • Start working on Job Postings part of the site
    • Look at how to limit content from variety of sources
      • Watching for “unexpected” behaviour from various sources
      • Finding ways to throttle, or block users/clients, whatever who are attacking
      • Limiting posting from untrusted sources
      • Deactivating, deleting, or modifying accounts
    • Setting up member profiles
      • Linking member profiles to their job listings
    • Storing “static” content in the database
      • This will allow editing by admins through web interface
    • Setting up member types
      • Employer
      • Employee
      • Job Seeker
      • Multiple Roles for same account
    • Making money for site.
  • Open Psychology Podcast
    • Look at current podcast settings (they don’t seem right)
    • Look more at what is needed to get current microphone working with sound card
    • Look at next episode (might be going up in a few weeks)
    • Create Datse Multimedia Podcast bonus episode pointing to first episode of this podcast
  • Social Media
    • These will happen in the order they happen.
      • Twitter
      • Twitch
      • Patreon
      • Matrix
      • Other
  • Anything else?
    • Not that we can (even now) think about

I know that’s a huge list (I still have only just barely touched on it today, and that was 2 weeks ago list)…

Work actually done

Then I looked at the work which I actually did, and started doing some work.

  • Psychology Open Site
    • Forgot to mention it…
    • Riot (was) up to date.
    • Matrix was in need of updating (has since been done).
    • That was all I found to do…
  • Open Psychology Project Website
    • Look at member page (it was next step, but didn’t happen)
      • Contact form

That was it.  I think that maybe it was a good enough job…

I ended up calling that day done early, and really didn’t get much more done until today.

Finishing off on October 13

Gosh, it’s Friday, and the 13th.  Hadn’t thought about it until I saw mentioned on Twitter.  I don’t really know what to think of that…

OK, so what did I do today?

  • Psychology Open Site
    • Update Riot
      • Staging updates available (3 new Release Candidates)
      • Akonadi was “gobbling up” everything, causing it not to work.
  • Open Psychology Site
    • Member Page
      • Modify contact form (hopefully it is better).
      • Put Archives into the Menu
    • About Page
      • Just did a few minor edits
    • Break for “not tea” and dog asked for walk
    • Blog
    • This post
  • Social Media
    • Buffered some posts
    • Some stuff on Twitter
    • Streamed to Twitch
    • Patreon Posts

That’s it.  But it’s a good thing.

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