2017 September 29 — Work, Drop-In, Stream

Hey, this was a few days ago, I didn’t get this in then.  But let me take a look at what I did:

  • Looked at previous week’s list…
    • Nothing obvious left off, but gave what I’d been doing
    • Started creating new list of stuff to do

OK, that is really basic starting place that I usually work with.  This is the 4th week I have done this:

Work that was needed to be done for this session (a few days ago):

  • Open Psychology Site
    • Look at the Member Page (updates or anything)
      • Add form to Member Page
    • Look at About Page (Any updates needed?)
    • Look at Services Page (Any updates needed?)
    • Remove the Archive I created a couple weeks ago from the main menu.
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Look at Verification of Email Address code
    • Look at login Code
    • Look at getting job postings done
    • Look at getting “static” content into database
    • Look at further stuff
  • Open Psychology Podcast
    • Some hardware obtained, needed to test (results in work done section).
    • Testing headphones (quick and easy) works.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Twitch
    • Patreon
    • Matrix

That sort of was where I was at with the looking at stuff that needed to be done.

I did do a quick look at the Psychology Open Site, and really didn’t see any changes I needed to do (latest Riot is same as what is installed there).

So, with that in mind, I did a “prioritizing” which I try to get done before I do any of this work (more or less the way I am doing things in front of you right now is how I have been doing things, I just do all the stuff in my head:

  • Psychology Open Site
    • Nothing I could see that needed to be done, that made sense.
  • Open Psychology Site
    • Remove Archive page from main menu
    • Look at member page
      • Add form for people to request membership.
    • About Page (check to see if there are any updates needed)
    • Services Page (check to see if any updates need to be made)
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Email Verification Process
    • Login Stuff
    • Other stuff is likely a while before I’ll get to it.
  • Social Media
    • Update Twitter
    • Post to Patreon
    • Twitch
      • Stream
      • Get sound working with microphone
      • Setup Events for now
      • Get more people watching
    • Matrix
      • See if there is much more to do with that?
  • Open Psychology Podcast
    • Get Microphone Working
    • Post a “bonus episode” of the first Open Psychology Podcast to the Datse Multimedia Podcast
    • Figure out new Open Psychology Podcast episode
    • Figure out if Blubrry is not configured correctly

Then with that list in place, I set down to work (I have modified the list somewhat to update as to how I’m looking at things right now.

So what work did I do?

  • Psychology Open Site
    • Checked what was happening with that:
      • Riot was up to date.
      • Other stuff presumably is up to date (more or less) as it is my stuff.
    • Decided no work needed to be done there.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
      • Checked out what had been going on recently
      • Followed a new follower who had followed me
      • Posted about the stream
  • Open Psychology Site
    • Fixed the Archive of my Member page and removed it from the main menu
      • ??? Should the archives etcetera go into the menu under Membership?
    • Member Page
      • Minor updates on the content
      • Added contact form for people who want to be added to the member page.
    • About Page
      • Updated some of the content there.
    • Services Page
      • Sticking with what we have there (for now).
    • Blog
  • Social Media (Again)
    • Patreon
      • Posted about new blog post.
    • Twitter
      • Post about Patreon
      • Need to look at other ways of handling posting at different times (than when I’m online)
        • Used buffer in the past (I think that leaving all supported social media was a big part of why I left).
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Did a fair amount of work on the email verification procedure.
    • This is not working with current data, will delete the existing database, restructure current database, and start with new data.
    • Check out the autismjobs github for how that work is going.

That was most of what I did.  I have done some short bits here and there, but since the time I finished with Autism Jobs, I have mostly been feeling pretty unwell, but am just starting to feel a little better.

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