Creative expression of open/closed psychology…

A friend shared a song that she was singing and I thought that I wanted to give that singing a go, then I thought of going for a different approach, write my own “thing” and share that…

The song was “Say Something” (I think) by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World.  It was expressing some of my reasons for creating this site.  About the lack of appropriate communications, and how I have “given up” on the resources that I have been able to get access to…  So, here goes my first attempt.

Closed Psychology Poem

Hey psychology,
I try to figure out you,
I try to understand you,
I ask you what you mean.

You say the same thing,
In different words,
Not different understanding.

You say this is different.
You say that you have explained.
You say this is good for me.
You say to ask someone else.

I say that you haven’t said anything different.
I say that I don’t understand.
I talk to someone else.
I try to understand.

The first other
They say the same things to me.
They don’t explain what I don’t understand.
They don’t give me more information.
They get frustrated that I “can’t understand.”

They say that they can’t explain to me better.
They say that they have told me everything they can.
They say that they don’t understand what I am asking.
They say I can get someone else to talk to them.

I find someone who I think they can understand.
I ask them to talk to the first other.
I wait, and hope things work out.
I find out things are happening.

The Second Other:
They talked to the first.
They got explanations from the first.
They felt like they understood.
They talked to me.

I listen, they did understand.
I hear what I was able to from the original, and first other.
I do not know what more can be figured out.
I know now, no further understanding is to be had.

I decide that others will have this experience.
I decide that others need to find ways to deal with this.
I decide to create ways to better understand.
I create Open Psychology.

Open Psychology Poem

People can’t get better if they can’t understand.
People can’t understand if they can’t get an explanation.
People can’t get an explanation if the questions they ask are not understood.
People need an open psychology to better understand.

Creating an open psychology.
Decide that you need to try to understand the questions.
Decide that you need to understand what the ground is.
Decide anyone can contribute.

Contributions can be anything.
Ask a question.
Talk about your experience.
Ask for help.

More contributions can happen.
Answer a question.
Listen to what people say.
Offer to be available for help.

Keep things simple (if you can).
Don’t use resources others can’t access.
Don’t use language that is confusing.
When someone is confused, try to find a way to get to understanding.

There we go. This is maybe just a bit of a start, and I hope to look more at this in the next few months. I would like to record this, or at least parts of this (perhaps the latest 3 stanzas) in the Open Psychology Podcast.

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