Review of work of 2017 September 15

I planned on doing this last week right after finishing things up last week, but it hasn’t been done yet, so is being done today at the beginning of the work.

  • Psychology Open Site
    • Riot was up to date, so it didn’t get dealt with really
    • I checked out things with the meetup group (did a few little things with it).
    • I talked/thought about setting up a script for updating riot, will probably do that this week.
  • Open Psychology Project Website
    • About really did need some work.  Still does.
    • Services page needs a lot of work.
      • Mostly it is pretty minor changes, but multiple ones.
    • Members section needs significant work.
      • Started work on my page, and didn’t get that done, but I think it is “live” as of now.
        • Archive of previous version is available right now.
      • Main page, I think I did a little bit of work on, it seems to be coming along.
      • Find a way that people can request being added as a member.
        • I will probably do this as a form which sends me a message.
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Nothing got done with it.  It will probably be on hold for a little while longer.
    • Get email verification process working correctly.
    • Login needs to be working correctly.
    • Need to look at how I am handling the multiple versions of the site.
  • Open Psychology Podcast
    • Still need to get microphone and headphones to better be able to record on this computer.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
      • Been kind of following stuff there.  Need to mention that my stuff is out there.
    • Twitch
      • It seems to mostly be working right now.  Not sure what I can do more about that.
    • Patreon
      • This isn’t as active as I would like, but it is coming along.
        • Weekly posts, and more seem to be a good place to start.
    • Matrix
      • Have to link better to this.  See how people can better find us there.

Priorities (as of last week):

  • Psychology Open Site (it ended up being quick).
  • Open Psychology Project Website
  • Autism Jobs Site
  • Social Media
  • Open Psychology Podcast

Work I did:

  • Psychology Open site checked, nothing I decided to do with it.
  • Open Psychology Project
    • Work done on my personal about member page…  It wasn’t completed.

That’s what I did last week.  That is a good place to start.  I did stream last week (and am streaming right now) at please check the past stream out, or the current stream.

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