2017 September 22 — Work, Drop In, Stream — Summary

Just finishing my work day.  Want to write a bit about what I did.

Today I started off by writing a bit based on what I had done last week (never got around to dealing with it last week).

So, on to looking at what I was doing for work:

  • Psychology Open
    • There were new updates for Riot.
    • With updates, look at creating update script.
  • Open Psychology Project Site
    • Finish writing my member page
    • Look at handling the member page in general.
      • Look at finding a way to put some page for people to request adding to member page.
    • Look at about page.
    • Look at services page.
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Get email verification process completed.
    • Create login page.
    • Look at what next steps will be.
  • Open Psychology Podcast
    • Need to get microphone.
    • Headphones would be really good.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Twitch
    • Patreon
    • Matrix

That was the quick list I created for what I wanted to do for the day, or at least to better get an idea of where I wanted to go, with little idea of what might happen.

I then looked to see what order I wanted to get these things done in:

  • Psychology Open Site
    • Write Script to update Riot
    • Update riot.
  • Open Psychology Site.
    • Finish updating my “member” page.
    • Look at member page, see what to update there.
      • Add form to have people request being added as a member.
    • Look at about page.
      • What (if anything needs to be updated)
    • Look at services page
      • What needs to be updated.
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Finish off getting register/login functions working.
  • Social Media
    • Update twitter
    • Patreon (Write post about what I’m doing)
    • Twitch (Write about what I’m doing there (probably Datse Multimedia Productions stuff))
    • Matrix (Not sure what I want, can do about that).
  • Open Psychology Project
    • Need to get microphone, and hopefully headphones.

I think that for now that list is pretty reasonable.  I managed to make a little bit of a dent on that, here is a bit about what I did in terms of work today.

  • Psychology Open site.
    • Writing scripts
      • I had hoped that I would get some form of updating the HTML that gets displayed, I didn’t find something for this.
      • I did write a couple of scripts, one for putting updates for “rc” releases, one for “stable” releases.
      • I wrote a third script that did the downloading.
      • I need to think about how to handle updating the web page.
    • Updated web page, and files, not tested yet, but will go with what I have.
  • Open Psychology Site
  • Twitter
    • Posted quick link to stream
  • Twitch
    • Streamed when it was working.  Got it working again.
    • Had another person write to the chat.
  • Patreon
    • Patron (supporter) post for updates to my member page.
    • Public post for this post.

That will be it for today.


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