Open Psychology Project To-Do 2017-09-08

This is based on the notes I took during my Work, Stream, Meeting, Drop In session of Friday September 8, 2017


  • Psychology Open Website
  • Open Psychology Project Website
  • Autism Jobs Website
  • Open Psychology Podcast

This is just a broad list of priorities as I have them listed at this time.  I know some of them are probably going to get changed a great deal when I look next session (next Friday I think).  I will reassess at that time.

Psychology Open Website

  • Updating Riot
    • These need to be looked at on a regular basis to make sure they are up to date.
  • Putting links to other sites
    • Most of this has been updated right now, but need to check that it is currently accurate.
  • Creating script to add new versions of Riot
    • Currently it is about a 3 step process to add a new version of Riot, and it is pretty simple to script at least parts of that.

These really are just a check things in the future, though that third thing, once it has been created, it would only need to be modified to make it even more streamlined.

Open Psychology Project Website

This really is probably the biggest part of setting all of this up.  There are a lot of things that need to be done in the future with this:

  • Look at site to see what needs to be updated, or re-considered:
    • Look at pages
      • About
        • Need to edit for language
        • Need to put more information (or better information) about other things we are doing.
      • Services
        • This needs to be better handled.  Not sure what all I will do with it.
      • Members
        • There is a lot of editing that I need to do to get this working.
          • Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku
            • Archive past versions
            • Write new version
          • New Members
            • Create a page for people to add new member requests
    • Video
      • Use WebM as a format for stuff on the page.
      • Upload videos to YouTube
      • Upload videos to Vimeo
    • Podcast Episodes
      • Remove link for embed on the PowerPress player
      • Remove WordPress player, or move to bottom
    • Weekly work session update
      • Write about what I do (see previous post)
      • Write about the Twitch stream.
      • Write about how the meetings will happen.
    • Fix WordFence
      • WordFence locked me out because I was accessing too quickly.
        • The way it looks like it is setup, it shouldn’t have done that at all.

That’s just where I am with this.  I think a lot of this stuff can be cleared off this list very quickly, as some of it has already been done, and most of it is more process stuff than actual individual todo things.

Autism Jobs Site

The Autism Jobs site has been sitting pretty idle for a while.  There has been activity from time to time indicating that people are finding the site, but I’m not sure that it is working correctly or not with how people really find the site.

  • Fix development server to serve stable release for
  • Fix so that no versions present “it works” type message
  • Fix servers so that the “default” server has links to the various virtual servers
  • Development Tasks
    • Check where current development is (look at issues)
    • Known next steps
      • Setup verification of email addresses so it is working
      • Setup login for accounts
      • Future regarding this:
        • Ensure a person verifying email can log in, doing two step verification process requiring login

That looks like that will be good.  All of this stuff should be more or less one time, not so much things that need to be done every time I look at the site.

Open Psychology Podcast

The Open Psychology Podcast has been sitting more or less idle since we worked on that first episode.  I only really made one note about this in this document I am currently looking at, and it’s about iTunes.

  • Fix things with iTunes and having link to podcast properly setup with iTunes.
  • Get microphones and headphone
  • Create Datse Multimedia Bonus Podcast for the first episode of the Open Psychology Podcast
  • Create Second episode of Podcast
    • Create script (if I will be working on a script), it may be a “ask open psychology episode” which the extent of the script is the question I have received.
    • Record episode
    • Post episode

This is the lowest priority currently, and will be worked on down the road.  I am hoping that I will have most of this stuff working well enough in the next month or so if i continue to be able to put in a few hours every week on this.

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