Friday Meetings, Work, Drop In, and Stream

What a messy title…  That’s a little better…

Currently I am in one of these “sessions”.  But let me explain this briefly (then expand) a bit more how these are currently working:

On Fridays I intend to work on Open Psychology Project stuff.  Because I have a limited amount of work that I have been working on, I have set the time to 10:00 to 14:00 PDT/PST.

My intention is to be working on the various projects including this site, the psychology open site (which is mostly hosting riot connecting to the matrix homeserver on this domain, but points to a few other things too), and the autism jobs site.  When I get around to actually recording an episode, I will also be doing podcast episodes, but that looks to be at least two weeks down the road.

This is a small enough amount of time right now that I don’t really expect that every week I will end up running out of jobs to do, but I am offering this time slot as one for a meeting/drop-in time.  I don’t really know if I have any people who are likely to be meeting at this time or not, though initially this time slot came open as one which I would use for this purpose, but if I am working at the same time, I will be able to maintain this open spot for people to come.

I have (I was trying to do this in the past) been working to have streaming happening of the work I am doing, and I am doing that on Twitch, for this particular work episode.  I have produced “gaps” in the streams, though in the future I may have a way to shut the video off, and maybe even the audio off, without having too much effort.  I have been using OBS Studio to do this, and I think that it is working really well.  I know that there are a few different ways of doing that.  I may write on the Datse Multimedia Productions website.


I have been for some time been trying to have some form of meeting happening with the Open Psychology Group, and have not been able to get a whole lot happening with that.

I know that there are other ways to handle these meetings in the future, several groups which I do belong to on Meetup have been using Facebook, and a number of them have switched to Facebook, so that is an option, but it has only been marginally more successful than trying to do things with Meetup, and I honestly am far less offended by the Meetup business model than I am with the Facebook business model, so unless some people start pulling me in that direction I will probably stay away from that.

Using twitter (though I’m not sure how) I understand is helpful for people.  I could once again look at that and see if I can find something that ends up working for me regarding that.  Posting stuff on Twitter has actually been far more likely to be “helpful” than I found posting stuff on Facebook was, so that may be an option.

A few things that I have been trying to do with the meeting has been trying to have an online component where people can meet in person.  There currently are two versions of that, one is Matrix through (for me at least) Riot, and I am running a homeserver myself which can be accessed through the Riot instance installed on the Psychology Open site.  Through that you can register for the server, or even access it as a guest (I think).


As this meeting (which I scheduled some time ago) was approaching, I was trying to figure out how I could make this particular block of time as something good for myself.  Usually I just kind of “hang out” on the Internet if I am not actively doing some stuff, I felt that really was not really going to work out for me, so I decided that I could work on Open Psychology Project projects while I am hosting the meeting (which has almost always been “just me”).

Today, I have been working on getting some of this stuff working on a number of things.

I have updated the Psychology Open site, so that I have a new riot there (several new versions have been installed, but I am up to date now).  I also worked a bit on some of the other bits of the site, in order to get it closer to being what I want it to represent right now.  Though I know I can do a lot more with it before too long.

I looked at a number of different things that I wanted to do with this site.  I have read and looked at the pages, and all of them will need some degree of updating in order to have them where I really want them to be.  The really long one of my own “member page” I really want to look a lot closer at and see what I can do with it.  I only took a brief look at that to see just how long it was, so that I could look at how I wanted to handle it.

So far today, that is about where I am at.  I have looked at other projects that I want to have working better, or just put more work into.

The Autism Jobs site will likely be the next thing I work on.  Currently, a person can register their account, but is not able to verify their email address, nor will they be able to log in.  Those are probably the next few steps.

I have been working a bit with handling Twitch and am happy enough with how it has been working now that I have figured out how to make things a little “safer” in terms of being able to see what is going on with it, so that I can at least watch it without ending up going into that problematic thing of streaming the stream itself.  So for now, I think that is working well enough.  It is almost the last thing that I want to be working on for today, and it’s pretty much done.

I really want to work on the podcast a lot more.  Currently the podcast is on hold until I get myself a microphone and a set of working headphones for myself to work with.  I probably could find something in the house in terms of both, but currently I don’t know where those may be.  I did look at how I have been handling the podcast, and I think that I need to handle things a bit differently with a bunch of stuff, though I think currently it is working well enough.

One thing which I want to say a bit more about the podcast, is that I have been listening to podcasts, and some of them are really rather interesting in terms of how they come through, listening to 6 Minute English right now from the BBC, which I kind of like some of the things that they are doing.

Drop In

As I was about to cancel the subscription for Meetup, I had someone join who is local, which is really pretty darn cool, but that meant that I would have to manage to do something more with the Meetup group, if I wanted to support her, so I decided to talk with her about how I wanted to handle the meeting.

At first, I thought I would just setup one of the “regular” meetings that I was working with in the past, but then I decided that a cool way to handle it better would be to have the meeting as a drop in time.  So I decided to schedule it as a drop in.  I would like to work on getting something setup for having posters around town (and maybe outside of town).

So, my plan of having a drop in came about as a way to handle the meeting.  I talked on Meetup (text so maybe talked is a bit loose in the use of the term) with the person, and this felt like a really great time to set things up for the meeting, and scheduled it as such.

Live Stream/Recording

A little while ago (before switching to new computer) I had tried to do some streaming on Twitch, and I found that it really wasn’t going to work with that computer.  But now that I have the new computer up, and I was looking at this meeting, and what I was going to do (and being reminded that Loading Artist is streaming regularly) I decided to do some test streaming.

I have been working with streaming through OBS Studio.  I knew that there was a decent way to handle that.  So I stream to my Twitch account jigme_datse, so I am using that.  It looks like the only account that is watching is myself (I’m using my account “AutismJobs”) but at least I can see that I am streaming, and that I am getting my stream back to me about 15 seconds later.

I have been backing out of the stream from time to time, and stopping the stream from time to time, but I think that I can fix that so that I don’t have to do so, I can simply find a way to do a “privacy screen” on the stream.

I record a version of the stream locally, which ends up being quite a lot higher resolution from what I can manage to stream live.  I then after I have got the stream completed, I end up doing a post of that, but it takes quite a while to handle that.  So, there will be an even higher version of that.

Currently, as I said, I don’t have a microphone setup for handling being able to talk to people, so you don’t actually hear what I am saying, or whatever, but I am looking to fix that in a week, maybe 2, depending on how things work out for the next little while.

Patreon, Tip Jar, Crowd Funding

I have been working with Patreon to help fund my creation of content.  I try to keep my patrons up to date with a bunch of things that I am working on.  I have been keeping the Patreon patron paid posts as “Early Access”, as that seems to work fairly well.  So I have to say that things are currently working quite well with that.

I have a tip jar setup on my Datse Multimedia Productions site.  This is where people can offer a small payment (I’m not sure how small the smallest payment can be, but it might be as low as $1.00, and I will set it as that if it isn’t), or a large payment.

I have also setup a crowd funding for upgrading equipment, which a large portion of this has actually been upgraded, but the crowd funding will stay up for a while longer until everything has been updated.

I will have my crowd funding list which may end up getting some new items added to it over the next little while.

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