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Creative expression of open/closed psychology…

A friend shared a song that she was singing and I thought that I wanted to give that singing a go, then I thought of going for a different approach, write my own “thing” and share that… The song was “Say Something” (I think) by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World.  It was expressing […]

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2017 September 22 — Work, Drop In, Stream — Summary

Just finishing my work day.  Want to write a bit about what I did. Today I started off by writing a bit based on what I had done last week (never got around to dealing with it last week). So, on to looking at what I was doing for work: Psychology Open There were new […]

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Review of work of 2017 September 15

I planned on doing this last week right after finishing things up last week, but it hasn’t been done yet, so is being done today at the beginning of the work. Psychology Open Site Riot was up to date, so it didn’t get dealt with really I checked out things with the meetup group (did […]

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Open Psychology Project To-Do 2017-09-08

This is based on the notes I took during my Work, Stream, Meeting, Drop In session of Friday September 8, 2017 Priorities Psychology Open Website Open Psychology Project Website Autism Jobs Website Open Psychology Podcast This is just a broad list of priorities as I have them listed at this time.  I know some of […]

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Friday Meetings, Work, Drop In, and Stream

What a messy title…  That’s a little better… Currently I am in one of these “sessions”.  But let me explain this briefly (then expand) a bit more how these are currently working: On Fridays I intend to work on Open Psychology Project stuff.  Because I have a limited amount of work that I have been […]

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Streaming to Twitch tomorrow…

Tomorrow I intend to run a twitch stream of my work from 10:00 to 14:00 PDT of stuff related to the Open Psychology Project, and possibly Autism Jobs. I’m not really sure what I am likely to be doing, and I currently don’t have a microphone setup to have my voice captured while I am […]

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