Finding a Learning Management System (LMS) or eLearning Platform

I have been working with to present some of the stuff which I have been wanting to present for the Open Psychology Project.  This allowed me to present material in a way which worked “better” for me than trying to meet in person.  This was mostly because it allowed me to connect “live” to people who were not actually anywhere near being available to attend in person.

I’d really love to find a way to continue connecting with people who are “outside” my not even very realistic “catchment area” of about a 100km circle from where I live (100 km is a bit far for most people unless it is at a great time, and it is something they really want to attend).  Huzza is shutting down in just over a week.

So, I would really like to find some way to handle this, but so far I haven’t found a reasonable way to do it in a similar manner as I was able to with Huzza.  The closest I have so far been able to find have been YouTube Live (I haven’t been able to test it out) or Skype Video.

I am not (currently) aware that I can do much with Skype Video in terms of hosting, beyond recording the videos locally, and posting them online.

So, I got to thinking…  “What am I really looking to accomplish” and really thought “to provide educational resources, and maybe even courses”.  So I started to look for what is available to do that.

I tried to find a few resources which were “new to me” that didn’t end up being “scary to me” as well.  And sadly, as of right now I am feeling that there isn’t really any that fit that description, and I may end up giving Moodle a bit of a “looksee” in the next little while to see if I can get it to do enough of what I need it to, in order to start presenting the material at least in some form, probably somewhere on this site.


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