Body Language and Donald Trump

A tentative title of “Body Language, Donald Trump, and Empathy” is used for this post.  The reason being these topics have been recently linked, but I think that maybe only by myself.  I will explain a few ideas about how I am linking these ideas together first, and then start to work towards each of these topics:

Yesterday a friend posted a TED Talk about Body Language, and at first I found a lot of what was said to be problematic (the speaker partially deals with them) but some of what it was about got me thinking about the whole thing with Donald Trump, and how at least part of the “Donald Trump Effect” of how he managed to win so many people over in such a large way came out of my understanding of what she said there.

I have been hearing from a number of different sources, some of which probably should know a lot better, about the lack of empathy which people who have Autism have.  I thought that the most recent “should know better” was from Jay Ingram on CBC (it was on CBC) and went into a bit of detail, around “contagious yawns” as being an indication of “lack of empathy” and I have connected this, in part because to some degree I see that the phenomena which is getting labeled as a “lack of empathy” in autistics is quite a lot of a strength which would have prevented people from falling for Donald Trump and such things.

  • Body Language
  • Donald Trump, and his body language
  • Blind following of other people considered empathy

So on to these topics:

Body Language

The talk which I linked above was about how you can change how you feel about yourself, by changing how you hold your body.  One of the parts which I found somewhat interesting was how by getting people to hold a given pose for 3 minutes (I think that was the length) prior to entering a “high stress interview” that those who held a “power pose” for 3 minutes, had far better response from the assessors than those who held a “weak pose” for 3 minutes, regardless of the content of their interview.

I found that this was a good example of just how people end up fooling people simply by “doing the right thing” and things like that, and how people who have a lot of difficulty with “expressing confidence” end up getting turned down simply because of that, rather than anyone caring one bit about what anyone actually says.

There was a slide of how a confident pose ends up expressing a great many things about a person which even as I first saw that I was going, “a lot of those things are exactly the things which people who are supporting Donald Trump are saying about him” but largely just left it at that.

In the morning (very early) today I clicked quite solidly…

Donald Trump and his body language

This morning I clicked quite strongly “Donald Trump holds an extreme state of power positions with his body language.”  This is of no surprise to a number of people who have criticized Donald Trump, in fact he’s even been criticized for the extreme degree he does so.

In I think the second presidential debate I have heard he never once stood back and let Hillary Clinton simply speak, he held his power through her speaking to the point that people commented about it being “stalking behaviour” and similar type comments.

He expressed such large power that even while not talking he still was holding a far larger power position while she was speaking.

I do not know if he is doing this as an exaggeration on an intentional basis, though I have some believe that he is doing it exactly for these reasons.  Whether consciously or not is a lot harder to tell, because to admit that you are using body language to influence people in that way is pretty much unheard of.

Well, not entirely, there have been a group of men (almost entirely men) talking about how to be a pickup artist and have talked a great deal how things like body language, and how you phrase things can be used to manipulate the situation.  So while most people, even those who intentionally use things like body language as a manipulative “art” won’t admit that is their intention, it isn’t unheard of.

I believe I am going to leave this post here, and take the third topic intended for this post to a different post.

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