Upcoming Topics 4

Here are topics I have been intending to write, I am going to list them from oldest to newest.  So from my first set of topics to add:

So far only one of those is new from that time.  Which is entirely reasonable…

From my second set of topics:

  • Sensory Overload
    • Other topics came out of this:
      • Dealing with sensory overload
      • Other senses
        • Touch
        • Taste
        • Smell (this was the main topic of written post)
        • Hearing
        • Vision
  • Acceptance and disability
  • Awareness versus acceptance
  • Connection and Community

I also wrote a single topic post about wanting to talk about a single specific topic as a more extensive topic that being:

And on to the new topics from the third “Upcoming Topics” post:

  • Neurotypical Communication Breakdowns
    • I wrote some of this on the Understanding Social Skills Training topic, though not sure if here or Patreon.
  • Neurodiverisity, Neorodivergence, Neurotypical, etcetera.
  • Social Skills Training
  • ABA/IBI and other compliance training
    • I came here with the intention of writing on this today, but maybe not…

I am not really coming up with any obvious topics to write about, except maybe a couple of ones:

  • Use of Videos (current status)
  • Followup on what happened with GoFundMe
  • Meetup Group

Just a couple of new topics.  I think that those will be fine for now.

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