Upcoming Topics 3

This is the third update I have made regarding upcoming topics, first we posted our Upcoming Topics, then we ended up putting Upcoming Topics 2.

From the first:

  • Journalling (still wanting to write more)
  • Identity First vs Person First language
    • Written a first version…
    • Would like to revisit.
  • Autism and Communication (nothing written here yet)
  • More on Patreon (will be writing more)
  • Autism and Gender Variance (Don’t think I have anything here yet)
  • Activism’s Support of Autism (Might have written something)
  • Datse Multimedia Stuff
    • Adobe CS4 on El Capitan (still need to figure this out)
    • Technical perspective on Activism stuff
    • Sound working on new computer (got it working rather nicely finally)

From the second:

  • Fist post stuff not mentioned…
  • Sensory Overload
    • Specific types:
      • Touch
      • Taste
      • Smell (this was the main topic of written post)
      • Hearing
      • Vision
  • Acceptance and Disability
  • Awareness vs Acceptance
  • Connection and Community

OK.  Those are the things that were mentioned before.  I have been thinking about a few things that I have wanted to also add to the list:

  • Neurotypical Communication Breakdowns
  • Neurodiverisity, Neorodivergence, Neurotypical, etcetera.
  • Social Skills Training
  • ABA/IBI and other compliance training


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