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Gofundme Campaign…

NOTE GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN GOT CANCELED, links to it have been updated to our own server After that more or less sad post about 10 days ago, I decided to give Gofundme another go, and have setup a campaign.  We are sitting at 3% after that 10 days or maybe 9 days, I don’t really know. […]

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eBook offered to me on Goodreads

This feels like a really odd way to handle this.  But I think that I am going to do it this way. Earlier today, I got a message in my email, and it seemed really “odd” to me in that I’ve really only had something like this happen before.  The email?  It was an author […]

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Upcoming Topics 3

This is the third update I have made regarding upcoming topics, first we posted our Upcoming Topics, then we ended up putting Upcoming Topics 2. From the first: Journalling (still wanting to write more) Identity First vs Person First language Written a first version… Would like to revisit. Autism and Communication (nothing written here yet) […]

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Site Moved

I’ve been working on getting this site moved for a bit today.  I finally figured out why I was having issues with the configuration of the permalinks was because /var/www/openpsych is not the same as /var/www/openpsychology.  Well that seems to actually have worked.  So, I guess from what I can see things have been successfully moved.  Just […]

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