Psychology of Patreon

It seems that there are really two ways to be successful on patreon.

  1. Find a way to get people to go from one patreon account to another (See post by Nataly Dawn on the Pomplamoose Patreon page)
  2. Mention your patreon on your content.
    1. Video content is rich, so please stand by for a bit of video content on YouTube.

How to get Patreon to work for you

I’m not really sure I really should be considered an expert on this at all.  I am not at all successful yet.  But currently I am managing to make more on Patreon than I am giving out.  And if I do manage to post as well as I have been hoping to (roughly once a week at this point) it seems that it will be a lot more than I am currently giving out, and more than enough to cover my hosting.

There seems to be a lot of pull for people to see what there can be in terms of Patreon content, and getting people to respond to the content by actually mentioning Patreon in the content which ends up getting supported by it.

Further, in terms of things which I’ve actually seen work with my own creators is that when one creator may be creating in two or more different types of accounts, they will mention their other patreon elsewhere.

So in order of what I have seen in terms of “what works” I would say that I’ll give that second one a go first.

Mention one patreon creator account in another patreon account

Recently Nataly Dawn posted on the Pomplamoose Patreon page.  (Oops I have been spelling her name wrong, that’s been fixed, but might have missed some place where it is still misspelt.)

The reason I mention this is I was supporting Pomplamoose on Patreon.  Which is really cool.  I love their stuff.  Then she posted and said that she was working full time on stuff which was her solo stuff, and she said “come over and support my solo stuff”.  And I did.

That ended up being pretty effective for her.  She ended up getting over 90 new patreons supporting her.  Also, she broke her $3,000 per video goal.  Which really is pretty darn exciting.  This is actually pretty good.

I think this is often a way that people do end up extending their distribution as to how people end up finding others on Patreon.  I know that I haven’t really been able to do this.  Though I would love to actually be able to bring some other creators some income this way myself.  So will be looking at managing this over the next little while.

Mention Patreon in your content

Broadly speaking this is how the most people end up finding a Patreon Page according to Patreon itself.  Which is actually pretty fantastic.  The public content, which is supported by Patreon will be supported more in the future simply by saying that it is and providing a link (to my patreon page) you are actually relatively likely to support a given creator.

So, I have decided that future posts which are supported by Patreon (this one included) will have a mention with a link to my patreon.  Even if it only adds 1 person per post, over a few months, it will become significant enough.

Why use video?

It seems the question of whether or not to use video is a big thing.  I personally do not tend to do much in the way of video.  I tend to be text based primarily.  So that will be what you mostly will see from me.

Video sells.  That’s one thing I have noticed very much.  I love the potential to get people to like video I might post or whatever.  But I am right now rather poor at it.  So, I haven’t been inclined to use it.

That being said.  I think it is always a good idea to venture out into other areas.  So, here I go, I will be producing a video in the next little while.  I might even start working on that in the near future.

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