Monthly Archives: July 2016

Moving Server

In the next few months I am going to have to move this server.  I received an email from my host that they are closing down the current datacentre, so I will have to move to another datacentre.  I am hoping that when it happens it will mean less than 9 hours of “disruption” and […]

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Future topic

I seem to run into these sorts of conversations often enough that I think that maybe I want to share about them more in a more complete way. Just over the last little while I got into a conversation about relationships, sexuality, and romanticism (that doesn’t sound correct).  Further there is the issue of gender/gender […]

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Psychology of Patreon

It seems that there are really two ways to be successful on patreon. Find a way to get people to go from one patreon account to another (See post by Nataly Dawn on the Pomplamoose Patreon page) Mention your patreon on your content. Video content is rich, so please stand by for a bit of […]

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