Upcoming Topics 2

Updating the topics list.  I know that this really isn’t quite how I want to handle this, but it is a decent way for now.

About a week ago (I think not quite) I wrote the topic list that I had coming up.

For here (Open Psychology Project) we have the following topics coming up:

  • More on journalling
  • Identity First vs. Person First language
    • Written, and password protected as it was a Patreon post
    • This will be public in a week (roughly, manually changing) shouldn’t be that long from this post
    • Ask, or become a Patreon to get access to this post
    • This should be public in a couple of days
  • Autism and communication
  • More on Patreon
  • Autism and Gender Variance
  • Activism’s support of Autism
  • Sensory Overload
    • Brief post on it should be made public in about a week
    • Other topics came out of this:
      • Dealing with sensory overload
      • Other senses
        • Touch
        • Taste
        • Smell (this was the main topic of written post)
        • Hearing
        • Vision
  • Acceptance and disability
  • Awareness versus acceptance
  • Connection and Community

Datse Multimedia Productions has less content right now planned:

  • Adobe CS4 and El Capitan
    • This is a popular topic, but I think I need to figure out the “why” about it.
  • Different perspective on the Activism story
  • Getting sound working on newly built computer

I know this isn’t all that major of a change of topics, a few which got added, and a little bit of an update of the current status of the ones that are being listed here. Some of these topics are things which are topics for our meetings (already scheduled) while others are really just ideas which might be interesting to talk about.

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