Upcoming topics

I would like to just write very briefly about a number of topics that we are looking to have show up here in the next few weeks, maybe few months:

  • More on journalling
  • Identity First vs. Person First language
    • Written, and password protected as it was a Patreon post
    • This will be public in a week (roughly, manually changing)
    • Ask, or become a Patreon to get access to this post
  • Autism and communication
  • More on Patreon
  • Autism and Gender Variance
  • Activism’s support of Autism

Datse Multimedia Productions has less content right now planned:

  • Adobe CS4 and El Capitan
    • This is a popular topic, but I think I need to figure out the “why” about it.
  • Different perspective on the Activism story
  • Getting sound working on newly built computer

Those probably will be a while coming.

If you have any ideas of what might be a good topic, let us know.

Also, we have been low image here.  Looking at getting a header image up, as well as doing better at coming up with images for our posts.  Any suggestions for any of that are also welcome.

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