New Content (and content changes)

There are 4 new (including this) pieces of content on the site:

  • This blog post you are reading (yay, self-referential blog post is self referential)
  • The previous blog post briefly explaining that we will be staying up, and how we are doing that
  • The Our Members page got created, with a bit about who we are
  • And my personal page about myself, in terms of my membership here (May be protected by a password, if you get here before that changes in about a week (at least a week) from when it was posted (just a little earlier today than this posted))

Also I have made some minor changes to content:

  • Created the “Site News” Category so that things like this can end up getting nicely listed.
  • Moved previous posts about the site which were in the “Uncategorized” category into new Site News Category.
  • Gave each of those posts, at least one “tag”.

I am looking at adding the tags somehow so they can be easily accessed, probably enabling one or more of the “tag” widgets in one of the widgetable areas (formally sidebars, but they are kind of “all over the place”).

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