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Upcoming Topics 2

Updating the topics list.  I know that this really isn’t quite how I want to handle this, but it is a decent way for now. About a week ago (I think not quite) I wrote the topic list that I had coming up. For here (Open Psychology Project) we have the following topics coming up: […]

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Sensory Overload

I first heard of sensory overload specifically in terms of it being a trait of autism.  This started to explain a few things for me.  In a number of cases I would experience sensory overload.  Then I decided to do a search for it, and found the Wikipedia page, and looked at the list of […]

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Upcoming topics

I would like to just write very briefly about a number of topics that we are looking to have show up here in the next few weeks, maybe few months: More on journalling Identity First vs. Person First language Written, and password protected as it was a Patreon post This will be public in a […]

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Identity first language vs. person first language

I have been wanting to write on this topic for a while.  I think this particular post will be largely flow of consciousness, as I am not quite sure where I want to go with it. I identify as having been diagnosed with a number of “disorders” a lot of them “mental disorders” according to […]

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New Content (and content changes)

There are 4 new (including this) pieces of content on the site: This blog post you are reading (yay, self-referential blog post is self referential) The previous blog post briefly explaining that we will be staying up, and how we are doing that The Our Members page got created, with a bit about who we […]

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Maintaining Things for Now

Right now, I would like to say that I have found a way to be able to maintain the website as it is (and continue to update it) for now.  In part, this has come from a kind friend who has supported our Patreon Funding Project, and in part due to the fact that I […]

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Shutting down site…

I know this site just got created, but it is costing over $300.00/month for running sites we run, and we have zero revenue from them, and total business revenue is less than half what it costs to run these sites.  They need to be shut down or I need to find more income for the […]

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