About the Open Psychology Project

The Open Psychology Project was created in response to the lack of openness and clear communication within the helping professions.  Many professionals seem to view that letting the client “behind the screen” is indeed harmful to clients.

I on the other hand have noticed that when helping professionals are unwilling to be open and let the client know what is going on behind the scenes, and why certain things are being said or done, it can be very harmful to clients, and also I believe to those very professionals.

We aim to bring further understanding of the current model as best we can.  We have found a number of resources which can be “vital” to understanding at least certain aspects of psychology, and other helping professions is either behind a pay wall, or “requires certification” in order to get any information.

The philosophy of openness that we come from is that of the Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) movement.  This became extended to open content, and creative commons communities.

Creative Commons licenses (which we use) allow for the use of content based on certain restrictions.

We use (unless otherwise stated) CC-BY-SA which “translates” to: “Creative Commons — Attribution — Share Alike” license.  I have not been entirely clear as to what the SA clause means in terms of the “scope” at which a project needs to be “shared alike.”  At the very least, what it means is that content you are using with this license (which you haven’t requested another license) needs to have it stated that it is in that license.

We welcome anyone to join us to help us with development of other resources, either as “content” or “development”.

Our use of the term psychology is from the “mind study” understanding rather than a specific school, or “practice” perspective.

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